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VeriTest Multi Sonic

VeriTest Multi range are specifically designed blocks that accommodate VeriTest tags so that they recreate difficult to clean features of surgical instruments like narrow gaps or vertical walls that are particularly challenging to washer-disinfectors.

A single flat surface cannot represent instruments because they are all three dimensional and contain features like hinges, gaps and crevices that well-designed PCD should replicate. VeriTest Multi Basic is the simplest and most versatile tool, while the Sonic and high impingement HI variants address specific challenges relating to ultrasonic washers and high impingement washers, respectively.


  • Each Multi is individually packed
  • Tags available separately (image shows tags for illustration purposes only)

Product Availability:

  • Multi Sonic (single block)

VeriTest Blue: detects protein residue in minutes

VeriTest Blue is a protein detection system. Each vial contains Aseptium’s protein sensitive reagent developed especially for VeriTest Tags.

To verify the process, simply insert a visually-clean VeriTest Tag into the vial. If proteins are left on the VeriTest Tag after the cleaning process, the reagent will change color from light green-yellow to blue, or blue residue will be visible on the tag surface.

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