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VeriTest Lumen

VeriTest Lumen: a realistic challenge for different sizes of hollow instruments

Cleaning of hollow instruments inside critically depends on the washer’s ability to flush the internal channels.

To adequately represent the flow inside the lumens, VeriTest Lumen capsules hold VeriTest tags in such a position that cleaning of the internal walls of hollow instruments is realistically simulated.

Different sizes of capsules (1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm diameters) match the lumen diameters with routinely reprocessed instruments of various types. A 1mm diameter capsule can represent fine ophthalmic instruments, while a larger 4mm capsule represents commonly used suctions and scopes.

VeriTest Lumen capsules work with AW and TPC tags. Similar to VeriTest Multi, tags fit into the capsules only in the correct orientation, eliminating the possibility of false-positive results.

They can be used in the same load simultaneously with VeriTest Multi Blocks to verify cleaning processes for all types of reprocessed instruments comprehensively.

1mm diameter VeriTest capsule (yellow accent)

2mm diameter VeriTest capsule (blue accent)

3mm diameter VeriTest capsule (green accent)

4mm diameter VeriTest capsule (red accent)

VeriTest FlexE Tags: realistic flexible endoscope challenge for realistic results

VeriTest FlexE: evaluating the flow

Cleaning of narrow endoscope channels critically depends on the flow of water and chemicals that are flushed through them.

In order to adequately represent the flow inside the lumens FlexE capsules are uniquely shaped to ensure the velocity and character of this flow are equivalent to the real endoscope channels, and to ensure the VeriTest FlexE Tags with contamination are always inserted in the right orientation.

FlexE capsules are available in different sizes and are color-coded for easy identification.

  • Uniquely designed to verify cleaning effectiveness inside of various sizes of endoscope channels
  • Removeable VeriTest tags realistically simulate internal walls of narrow channels
  • Natural, non-synthetic, protein test soil developed specifically for flexible endoscopes
  • Compatible with different evaluation methods
  • Quantifiable results when used with VeriTest Blue or ProReveal

VeriTest FlexE Tags are uniquely shaped to ensure you always fit them in the capsules correctly.

In addition, each FlexE tag comes inoculated with unique non-synthetic protein-based test soil created especially for unique challenges of flexible endoscopes.


  • Each capsule is marked and color-coded for easy identification
  • Tags available separately (image shows tags for illustration purposes only)

Product Availability:

  • VeriTest Lumen 1mm (single unit)
  • VeriTest Lumen 2mm (single unit)
  • VeriTest Lumen 3mm (single unit)
  • VeriTest Lumen 4mm (single unit)
  • VeriTest FlexE Basic Kit (2 x 1mm, 4 x 2mm)
  • VeriTest Flexe Mega Kit (2 x 1mm, 4 x 2mm, 1 x 3mm, 1 x 4mm)
  • VeriTest FlexE Tag (20-pack)
  • Veritest FlexE 1mm (single item)
  • Veritest FlexE 2mm (single item)
  • Veritest FlexE 3mm (single item)
  • Veritest FlexE 4mm (single item)


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