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Protein test for VeriTest Tags: detects and identifies protein contamination

Typically instruments get contaminated with microscopic fragments of operated tissue and body fluids.

Proteins are the building blocks of all living organisms, whether its body tissues, bacteria or viruses.

Thanks to this, detecting residual proteins on surgical instruments is the best way to evaluate their cleanliness. Contamination on surgical instruments is hazardous/ dangerous even in such small quantities invisible to the naked eye.

This is why we created VeriTest Blue. A protein detection system that exposes those difficult to see proteins by coloring them blue.

To verify the process, simply insert a visually-clean VeriTest Tag into the vial. If proteins are left on the VeriTest Tag after the cleaning process, the reagent will change color from light green-yellow to blue, or blue residue will be visible on the tag surface.


  • 8 glass vials per packet
  • Each vial is sealed
  • Keep away from light

Product Availability:

  • Single packet (8 vials)
  • Six packets (48 vials)
  • Vial holder (single item)

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