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TPC (Total Process Control)

TPC (Total Process Control) tags evaluate the entire cleaning process, including pre-cleaning and automated cleaning.

They can also be used to test intensive washer- disinfector processes designed to minimize manual pre-cleaning.

Using VeriTest AW and TPC tags allows you to expertly optimize the cleaning processes to make sure instruments are safe for patients, and that the process itself is effective and efficient at the same time.


  • Natural test soil
  • Unique shape
  • 316L stainless steel
  • 10 tags per strip, 2 strips per package
  • Packages hermetically sealed

Product Availability:

  • pack of 20
  • pack of 120

VeriTest Blue: detects protein residue in minutes

VeriTest Blue is a protein detection system. Each vial contains Aseptium’s protein sensitive reagent developed especially for VeriTest Tags.

To verify the process, simply insert a visually-clean VeriTest Tag into the vial. If proteins are left on the VeriTest Tag after the cleaning process, the reagent will change color from light green-yellow to blue, or blue residue will be visible on the tag surface.

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