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QPRG is involved with every aspect of medical device processing.

Being highly involved with sterile processing departments, we hear what you have to say about reusable medical devices, reprocessing, IFUs, and all the good and bad things about device design. We relay that information to medical device standards development organizations and industry to ultimately achieve better outcomes for you and what matters most; your patients.

Challenges can be incomprehensible IFUs, the realization of design issues, or the OR not understanding what you need to do to get the instruments ready for use.

Other situations include staff not understanding ultrahigh technology devices they are expected to make run like new and render safe for the patient. Other times there may be cases when processing turned gold handles purple or worse, your process results in wet or stained loads.

Whatever the situation is, our years of experience enable us to help move the device industry forward. We have created answers to many issues and know how to look at new ones to get to the solution quickly.

Areas of Expertise:

  • SPD quality assurance
  • SPD/OR communications and collaboration development
  • Reprocessing of endoscopic Instruments
  • Sterilizers
    • Steam
    • Ethylene oxide
    • Hydrogen peroxide/plasma
  • Washers and washer/disinfectors
    • Thermal and chemical disinfection
    • Alkaline and enzymatic detergents
  • SPD utility planning, ongoing quality control, and problem remediation
  • Steam and water quality and purity
  • Device-specific training

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