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Proven Leader

QPRG is a proven leader in the sterile processing and medical device manufacturing communities, demonstrating performance improvements for SPD client success, patient outcomes, process control, and reduced costs.

We accomplish this by serving as a critical component for collaboration with SPD’s customers and as a conduit for information flow between sterile processing departments and reusable device manufacturers.

Spanning the range of knowledge and services required to serve your needs, our group of sterile processing experts excels in:

  • Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization, General Reprocessing Practice, and Product Validation
  • IFU Creation and Interpretation
  • Optimization, Verification, and Validation of Sterilization and Cleaning
  • Wet Pack and Stain Remediation
  • Organizational Design, SOPs, and Quality Manual Production for integration throughout healthcare Facilities
  • Systems to monitor continuing education requirements and compliance
  • Infection control audits and Process Improvement
  • Training for Industry Engineers and End-Users (SPD)
  • Post-incident evaluation, investigation, and remediation
  • FDA Filings and Master Product System Implementation for medical device manufacturers
  • FDA Complaint Reporting for Sterile Processing Departments

Professional Organizations and Affiliations

AAMI Sterilization Standards Committees:

Members of 22 working groups and co-chair of ST WG 43, Hospital Steam Sterilizers and ST WG 62, Hospital EO Sterilizers

US Expert representative for ISO TC198 WG 11 (General Criteria for Sterilization Processes and Sterilizing Equipment) and ISO TC198 WG 16 (Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization)

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